Individual control units are awesome

I can disclose right now that I have not ever grown up in a recognizably functional family or house environment.

I suppose prefer all the people tries to pretend that their family unit is cheerful & healthy…

But I am comfortable being upfront & saying that I come from a dysfunctional home. All of us have a lot of challenges getting along with each other thanks to our individual mental health problems & respective personality flaws. All of us cannot get along for more than a few days without somebody crying. Generally, it’s me. This is why I am cheerful anytime both of us have some kind of a solution that neutralizes the necessity for working together. Even setting a central control unit program is too much to ask for our family. When both of us have 1 indoor air temperature control system both of us wind up bickering incessantly over the indoor air program. Half of the family loves it very sizzling & the other half loves it very cold. Neither 1 of us winds up being cheerful when both of us attempt to compromise on some middle temperature ground. This is why I was so happy when both of us stayed in a holiday house that had individual control units in each room. Finally, there was no pressure for everybody to come together & make compromises on the indoor air temperature. Everyone could go to their own separate family room, set their own separate indoor air temperature control, & appreciate their own separate Heating, Ventilation, & A/C settings. I have to say, this zone controlled control unit setup led to the most functional family holiday we have ever had.

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