Initially I was afraid to install radiant heated flooring

Being a heating & cooling appliance specialist is not something that I was able to learn overnight.

It took myself and others a lot of years of planning, trying to learn the ins & outs of the Heating, Ventilation & A/C business! And then of course, with the way heating & air conditioner technology is changing each year, you need to keep up with the latest in heating & air conditioner appliance technology… This in itself can be a major obstacle! One problem I had when they first arrived, was installing radiant heated floors.

The concept in itself was a bit intimidating to be honest with you. I came into the heating & air conditioner appliance corporation way back when, so this technology of radiant heated floors was something that was entirely new to me. I was lucky in the fact that the heating & air conditioner corporation I task for supplied us heating & air conditioner appliance specialists a full month training class on how to install radiant heated floors. Once I was trained on these rather complex things, installing radiant heated floors became a natural thing for me! Since then, I have genuinely done over one hundred upgrade jobs of radiant heated floors, & with every single one, it became a great deal easier. So, the point of this story is, with anything in life, do not be frightened of the unknown. All you have to do is find additional information, & you can handle whatever it is if you take the time to just learn, just like I did with the radiant heated floors!



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