Inlaws don’t believe in HVAC systems

I absolutely hate this time of year for so many reasons. First of all, the kids are out of school. I don’t have any kids of my own but I absolutely hate hearing the sounds of happy children running around outside of my home. I find it utterly disturbing to hear their cries and giggles all day long. Secondly, I do not appreciate this weather. Everyday feels like stepping into hell when you walk out the front door. It is brutally hot and humid all the time and there’s no escaping from the season of discomfort. I feel like I tried to hide indoors and stay out of the muggy air as much as possible. Unfortunately, this brings its own set of challenges when you have to rely on an indoor air handling device 24/7. air conditioning systems are not cheap to operate and I don’t appreciate the energy bills that we receive each month. Lastly, my wife’s entire family celebrates their birthday during this time of the year. This means, we have no choice but to go visit my in-laws who absolutely make my blood boil. Literally. For whatever reason, my in-laws do not believe in indoor air temperature control. They absolutely hate the sensation of central air conditioning and they do not have an AC unit at their house. Every time that we’ve gone to stay with them it has been the hottest and most sweaty experience of my life. My wife always wants to know why I’m so cranky when we see her parents, but she just shakes her head when I mention their hellish house without AC.
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