Inlaws don’t know in Heating & A/C systems

I actually don’t like this time of year for so several reasons.

First of all, the kids are out of university.

I don’t have any kids of our own despite the fact that I actually don’t like hearing the sounds of cheerful children running around outside of our home. I find it utterly alarming to hear their cries & giggles all afternoon long! Secondly, I do not like this weather… Everyday feels like stepping into hell when you walk out the front door. It is brutally sizzling & humid all the time & there has no escaping from the season of discomfort. I suppose like I tried to hide indoors & stay out of the muggy air as much as possible. Unblessedly, this brings its own set of challenges when you have to rely on an indoor air handling equipment 24/7. cooling system systems are not cheap to operate & I don’t like the energy costs that the people I was with and I acquire each week! Lastly, our spouse’s entire family celebrates their birthday while I was in this time of the year. This means, the people I was with and I have no choice however to go visit our in-laws who actually make our blood boil. Literally. For whatever reason, our in-laws do not know in indoor air temperature control. They actually don’t like the sensation of central cooling system & they do not have an A/C equipment at their house. Every time that we’ve gone to stay with them it has been the hottest & most sweaty experience of our life. My spouse always wants to know why I am so cranky when the people I was with and I see his parents, but he just shakes his head when I mention their hellish home without AC.


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