Installing central air conditioning because of road construction

Until three years ago, I never saw any reason to install central air conditioning into my home.

In my local area, the summers are usually quite short. Although we experience temperatures into the upper eighties and excessive humidity, I didn’t feel the need to make the big investment into a whole-home cooling system. After a long winter of running the furnace, I look forward to opening the windows and bringing some fresh into the house. I was fine with running a few box fans to combat the heat. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems when the country started a major road construction project directly in front of my house. They brought in all kinds of heavy machinery and started operations at 6 o’clock every morning. My family couldn’t sleep through the noise and commotion. Plus, the project created a ton of dust and exhaust fumes. Our cars, patio furniture, windows and the siding on the house became coated in a film of dirty. It wasn’t possible to keep the windows open. I was worried about the dust getting inside and settling on my furniture, rugs and our bedding. I also worried about the impact of diminished air quality on the health of my family. The road construction job was expected to continue for eight months. I decided to look into the cost of a whole-house air conditioner. Since we already had the ductwork in place for the furnace, the price for installation wasn’t prohibitive. I was relieved that a local HVAC contractor agreed to get the air conditioner installed right away. The cooling system offered the ideal solution to our complaints with the road construction. Not only are we now able to keep the windows tightly shut, but the air conditioner circulates the air and filters out allergens. I am impressed by how easily it handles the highest heat and humidity, keeping a perfectly comfortable home.

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