Is the boat sinking or is it just a leaky vent?

My best friend is an up and coming rapper and invites me to every one of his video shoots.

The last video he shot, he flew a few of our friends, first class to Miami.

We had no idea that he rented a whole Yacht for a couple of days. We were actually going to be out on the ocean for a whole day and a half because there were shots scheduled for both sunrise and sunset. As extravagant as it all was, I should’ve expected something had to be off, because he’s still up and coming so I had no idea where this Yacht budget came from, I thought the first class seats were a stretch. It was a night to remember but what transpired the next morning was unforgettable. When I woke up there was a small puddle on the floor next to the bed I was sleeping on. I ran and told everyone the boat was taking in water and the boat might be sinking. The captain of the boat was still on board and said that what was actually happening was the air conditioner was overdue for maintenance. I had scared my friends so much about the boat sinking that we decided to go back to the dock and fix the issue. Turns out that the ductwork was leaking water because the Condensate Pump needed repair. The company had an ac repairman replace the pump and do some duct sealing. The whole job took a couple of hours and the rental company lent us the Yacht for the rest of the day free of charge.
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