It Could Be Your Heat Pump Compressor

Your heat pump’s compressor plays an important role.

Cooling your home and keeping you comfortable are impossible without it.

If you are experiencing performance problems with your heat pump, you may have a bad compressor. It shouldn’t take long after your heat pump turns on for cold air to flow through the vents, but if your unit blows nothing but lukewarm air for hours, it’s likely due to a compressor malfunction. The heat pump must work harder to extract cool air from the environment when the compressor is faulty. You may have a unit that circulates warm, stale air all the time. Heat pumps normally operate quietly, but problems with the compressor may cause the unit to vibrate and increase noise levels. A heat pump that vibrates hard when it starts isn’t a good sign. It may take a while for the compressor to start up and stay running, resulting in a total outage. When your compressor fails, your heat pump draws more power than it should, causing surges and tripped circuits. When you’re experiencing power outages more frequently, it’s a good idea to get them checked out. The heat pump cannot use refrigerant to cool the air if the compressor isn’t working properly. Short cycling, increased bills, and uncomfortable living conditions might result from this lack of power.

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