It could have been fun to go with them

I was on that rare pair call until 3:00 in the morning

I was supposed to go to the river with my friends, but I ended up having to work. I wasn’t scheduled to work at first, but the guy who was supposed to be in charge of weekend HVAC repairs got sick with covid and could not do it. The boss promised to pay me a 10% bonus on all of the sales from the weekend since I already had plans. I was trying to save up to buy a new flat screen television for the living room. The 10% bonus was a great incentive to cancel my plans and stay home to work. My friends were a little aggravated that I didn’t go to the river. We were supposed to take my car because it gets the best gas mileage. I told my friends that they could still take my car if they wanted to, but they decided against it. I stayed home and worked the whole weekend. On Friday night I received a phone call from a distraught customer having problems with the air conditioner. I was on that rare pair call until 3:00 in the morning. I only got a couple of hours of sleep before the phone rang again. I did more than $3,000 worth of sales that weekend and the $300 bonus was a nice way for my boss to say thank you for all of the hard work. It would have been a lot of fun to go with my friends, but I earned a heap of money by staying and helping out the boss with the HVAC repairs.
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