It doesn’t get any better than this

Having lived in the south nearly all of my life, it drives me crazy when I hear fellow southerners or tourists complain about the weather down here.

  • Most of the time I hear them go on about how they are always having to change clothes from how sweaty they get, or how much they miss experiencing the seasons like up north.

Every time I hear these complaints, I can’t help but roll my eyes. Sure, living in the south you are going to have to get used to warm weather pretty much all year round. With that being said, there are ways to deal with the heat! If you are a homeowner, make it a priority to invest in a high quality air conditioning unit! If you work with an experienced and reputable HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company you will be able to find the perfect air conditioning unit for your home and your needs for a reasonable price. If you have high quality a/c in your home, you or your family can play outside for as long as you want to, and then just head back inside to cool off and relax! If you are just down in the south for a few days visiting, stay at a hotel or airBNB with a high quality a/c system! It might be a few extra dollars more to do this, but it will be worth the comfort of cool air after a hot and exhausting day of sightseeing. I understand that the tradition is for people to love to complain, but sometimes it just makes so sense.


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