It has been a warm one this winter and with less heating costs

So being proactive really does pay off! It’s the first week of January and our house is toastier than it’s ever been.

On top of that, I just got the latest utility bill and it didn’t make me crazy.

We are actually on track to save more than 20 percent on heating costs this winter. That’s just the sort of one, two punch that I was looking for. And this pair of good things comes from just a bit of proactivity on my part. For years, I’ve been complaining about how long the winter is. I’m from the south and never really experienced anything when it came to cold like this. And it seems like the gas furnace was just running all the time. Yet, I was doing nothing to mitigate either the drafty environment in my home nor the high cost of heating. So this fall, I kind of looked myself in the mirror and decided it was time to quit complaining and do something about it. I started by going to the HVAC company website. This was the best move actually because that’s all I needed. The HVAC professionals that we count on had a winter preparation checklist on their website. It was totally downloadable so I was able to put that in my hands and get right to work. I just went step by step in order to seal up the house really tight. And the cost of doing so was negligible. All it really took was some time over a few weekends to complete the winter preparations on this home. Man, am I ever glad I took the time to get my house right before the cold set in. I love the way our house feels now and I love saving money because the gas furnace isn’t running all the time.


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