It is so nice to have AC again

My family and I had been without air conditioning for almost two months.

It was terrible.

Of course, it was July and August the two hottest months of the year. We have central air conditioning in our house, and it had always worked great until this past summer. We literally never had any trouble with it. It always kept the house nice and cool. I honestly never even thought about it. I just had the thermostat set to seventy degrees, and I never even messed with it. I realized that there was something wrong when I walked into an extremely warm house one day. We had been gone for the weekend, and I got home before everyone else. It was so hot, so I checked the thermostat, and it said that it was over eighty-five degrees in the house. I could not believe it. Our air conditioner had completely quit when we were gone. We called an HVAC company and had them give us an estimate on how much it would cost to fix the air conditioner. It was going to cost over a thousand dollars to fix it, so we had to save up for a couple of months. It was definitely a miserable couple of months, but I am so thankful to have air conditioning once again. The HVAC company that we used was great. They did a good job, and they even ended up giving us a discount. I am so thankful for that company. We will definitely use them again if we have any more HVAC issues.



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