It really is so warm

I have already been going to Church for as long as I can remember. When I was kids, my parents forced me to visit to Church, and I hated every minute of it. When I turned 18 and additionally moved out I stopped attending. I soon found myself missing it; I decided to go back. I found my own Church this time. Last weekend they hosted a huge 2 hour service and it was almost ruined by a broken air conditioner. I had gotten there early because I needed good seats. I usually liked to sit right under one of the many air conditioner vents but that day it wasn’t any good whatsoever. The air conditioner worked for some time but right when our service began the air conditioner abruptly died. I could tell because the cold air stopped blowing. I also could tell because everyone in the place began to sweat badly. The preacher soon made an announcement that the service would have to be cancelled. There was approximately 2,000 people within the giant Church and it was too hot lacking an air conditioner. The body heat alone is enough to cause sufficient discomfort but the temperature outside was 99 degrees as well! So all of us Church-goers went home to enjoy the comfort of our air conditioners. The service was rescheduled which was a good idea.

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