It took dad half an hour to have the mini-split system up and running

My dad is my rock.

While some sons have a rocky relationship with their dads, I feel quite fortunate that we are so close.

I’m gay, but dad has never seen this as a big issue. When I came out, he and mom said it was about time I lived my best and truest life. Since then, we do the things that I like and he never once forced me to do sporty stuff. But, occasionally, I go to the games with him because it’s fun and I know a few phrases and players. I recently moved into my own place and dad has been helping me with renovations. The other day, I told him I was considering getting a mini-split HVAC for the house. Central HVAC systems cost a lot of money so it’s better I start life with a mini-split HVAC. My dad is so good with his hands so I knew he’d help me set up the unit. Plus, he knows all about HVAC systems so he sent me materials on the best mini-split HVACs systems to check out. I was busy at work so we had to wait until the weekend for dad to come over. By this time, I had picked out the right mini-split HVAC, placed an order and it was on my kitchen table. Dad took no time getting to work to install the new heating and cooling system in my home. He didn’t have to work with the ductwork in the house since this was a ductless system. The next thing he advised me on was to ensure I get HVAC zoning so that I can benefit from the unit in all rooms in the house.

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