It was a case of mistaken identity

Last Wednesday was scary for me.

I had something happen that I never expected.

I had just gotten off of work and I was looking forward to spending the rest of the night relaxing and having a nice dinner. I had worked overtime and I wasn’t feeling like cooking anything due to being tired and so I decided to instead go and get some fast food. As I drove to the place of my choosing to eat, I let my mind wander to how comfortable I would be when I got home. I was going to get home and head over to the thermostat and turn up the air conditioning. I like my house nice and cool and my HVAC does an excellent job of keeping the temperatures just where I want them. I could picture the a/c now. When I arrived I saw the drive through was closed and that I would have to go inside to order. It was no big deal and I got out of my car and prepared to head inside. Right at that moment several police cars had raced into the parking lot and shined their lights on me. I was told to put my hands up and freeze. I was definitely frozen and confused, I had done nothing wrong. Then some maniac ran past me screaming bloody murder. It turns out the guy they were going after happens to look a lot like me and he had just robbed a gas station only a couple streets down. He was also the same crazy dude that ran past me. All I wanted was some fast food and I almost got arrested. The cops did apologize and I went home and enjoyed my dinner and cool air conditioning while the real guy was later caught. It was definitely a day I will never forget.

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