It was a coffee table, but a bit teetering.

I laughed at my mom last week when she came home with a new coffee table.

I was a bit skeptical when she said that it was a new coffee table, because it looked handmade.

I’m not saying that handmade furniture isn’t okay, but this was not just handmade old. It was definitely a coffee table, but it teetered on its legs. The back right leg, and the front left leg was shorter than the back left leg and the front right leg. You couldn’t even put a drink on the table without it teetering back and forth and causing waves in the glass. I told mom the coffee table was really cute, but when I said the word cute she knew I meant I didn’t like it. I told her that if we hadn’t refinished, and the legs evened out, it would be a beautiful coffee table, but she didn’t want to hear that. She said she fell in love with the coffee table just the way it was and that is how she was going to keep it. I hope to get the coffee table into the house, and find the perfect place for it. By the time she decided where she wanted the coffee table placed, she wasn’t so happy with it. She told me there really wasn’t a perfect place for a coffee table that couldn’t even sit on its own four legs. Two weeks later, she took the coffee table into a reupholstering shop. She asked if they knew who she could take the table to to have it refinished and have the legs made even. Lucky for her, the reupholstering shop had a specialist that could do the work for her.


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