It was a good thing we were able to find a good electrician since we were new to the area

Last weekend was a royal nightmare… I came back to our dwelling from work on Tuesday night, plus the entire dwelling was pitch black.

  • No other neighbors on the street seemed to be having issues with their power, so I knew the trouble was not an easy fix.

I contacted the power company, who confirmed no outages in our area. They recommended that I contact an electrician. I didn’t even know who to call, because I just moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, a week ago. I never had any sort of trouble similar to this in the past, plus I didn’t really know what to do. I searched through numerous odd St. Petersburg newspapers plus advertisements, until I was able to find a licensed electrician in St. Petersburg. I even found a licensed electrician who offered to investigate the issue with a free estimate. I was pleased about the free estimate, because I didn’t really know what was wrong with the electricity. The St. Petersburg electrician had emergency services available, plus they right away dispatched a skilled worker to my dwelling… After about 4 hours, the power was finally restored to my dwelling. The St. Petersburg electrician was very professional, capable, plus genuinely friendly. They even supplied us with temporary lighting, while they tested the power to the entire dwelling, and my kids managed to finish all of their school work, while the licensed electrician cared for our needs. Thank goodness St. Petersburg has a nice guide magazine, because it really came in handy. I even found a coupon for $100 off my service bill for the electrician. When I found out the total bill was over $1,000, I was certainly cheerful to have that coupon in my hand. We actually ended up needing a brand new electric box.