It was a peaceful neighborhood until the new guys showed up

Over 20 years ago my wife and I got married at a young age.

  • We could barely afford a place to live but we eventually settled into a quaint little neighborhood in a small brick bungalow.

The neighborhood was heavily wooded, sparsely populated, and Incredibly quiet. You could sit in your home and listen to the birds sing, as if you were on some private mountain getaway. It was a glorious neighborhood, until the new people started showing up. As time went on, the neighborhood was built up and became extremely attractive to outsiders. Suddenly, there is no more silence. The millennials who’ve moved into the houses around us continually pollute the sound quality with their HVAC systems. Now, it’s one thing to utilize your indoor air temperature control equipment. I enjoy air conditioning quite a bit, myself. However, I don’t utilize my central cooling system 24/7, 365 days a year. I also don’t neglect my wonderful air conditioning unit by refusing to have routine maintenance appointments performed by a professional HVAC technician. These damned millenials have no idea what HVAC maintenance even is. Day and night, you can hear the unfortunate banging and humming of about a half-dozen poorly maintained central cooling systems. Every once in a while, the background ruckus becomes slightly quieter and an expletive-filled yell punctuates the soundscape. That’s when I know they’ve finally pushed their air handling device too far. After another AC unit breaks down is the only time you’ll ever see an HVAC work truck on our block. You might hear some creative language about failing AC systems out here these days, but you’ll never hear another bird song.

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