It was disappointing when the bank let myself and others go after 15 years of tough work

I worked for a bank for some 15 years plus it was a major disappointment when they eventually let myself and others go.

  • I was close to being able to retire, but then these people brutally split myself and others off.

I don’t even suppose why they let myself and others go, something about having to split back on staff. It wasn’t fair. I mean, they at least provided myself and others a severance package plus I have my 401k at least, but it still was uncalled for. I should have been able to labor until I was able to officially retire. I ended up using some of the money in my severance package to go back to school. This time around, I had an method of what I wanted to do. One thing that I consistently complained about while toiling at the bank was the irritated temperature control settings plus awful air quality. I guess I got on management’s nerves to be honest, plus perhaps that has something to do with myself and others being released from the bank. So I thought it would be cool to labor in the Heating & A/C industry fixing heating plus cooling systems. I would enjoy to talk to people about investing in energy efficient systems that allow you to get incentives from the government on your taxes. So I went to school plus earned my Heating & A/C certification, then before I knew it, I was out there toiling on all kinds of odd heating plus cooling systems. It wasn’t exactly simple learning how to do this work, but I did well in school plus l earned a lot from my training. Now I’m making way more money than I was making before, plus I guess I can build a nice retirement toiling in this industry for a decade or so.

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