It was my chance to help out an old friend

Jack and I went to school together in the 1990’s. We were the best of friends. My family moved all over the country because my dad was in the army. I had a hard time making friends, but Jack and I clicked immediately. We lived on the same street for five years. It was the longest time that my dad spent in one place the whole time that I was growing up. Jack and I remained friends even after I moved away in my last year of high school. We went our separate ways, but we emailed every few months. Last year, Jack called me out of the blue with an amazing opportunity. Jack needed someone to invest in his new business and he called me first. I didn’t hesitate for a moment when Jack told me that he was going to open an HVAC contracting business specializing in geothermal and solar solutions. Jack’s dad was in the HVAC installation and repair business as well. We spent lots of time on the weekend watching Jack’s dad try to repair old heating and cooling equipment in the garage. My old friend and I met in the city to discuss all of the details. I was impressed with the business plan and I was ready to invest as much money as Jack needed to get started. It was a great chance to make money and help an old friend. The contracting firm has been a huge success. I’m even considering quitting my job so I can join Jack as a full partner. Together we could really corner the market in this category.

a/c serviceman