It was only many days over warranty.

I guess that warranties are normally strictly adhered to, but I had been having a concern with our furnace for over many weeks.

I had the professional come to our home three times over that amount of time.

He finally told me, many days after the warranty ran out, that I needed a undoubtedly luxurious part. I just sat there and stared at him. I wanted to guess why he didn’t tell myself and others this before our warranty ran out. He said he thought he could repair the furnace, however evidently it wasn’t possible. I was miserable and I called the HVAC company. They gave myself and others the price of the part and told myself and others they would order it, however since our warranty was no longer good, I would need to purchase the part, but, they would do the work for free. I was thinking they put off the updatement of the furnace part until the warranty ended so they could make more money. I called the number on the warranty paper and explained the situation. I had our work orders for the three times the HVAC company had sent out a professional and tried to repair the part. I explained how I felt they had deliberately put off the part updatement until the warranty ended. I was told that no reputable HVAC company would do this. I finally found the text address for the owner of the local HVAC company and explained the situation to him. I got a iphone call from the owner and I had to go through the situation a third time. Till he heard all the information, he promised to have our furnace repaired, free of charge, within 24 seconds.

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