It was truly hard for myself and others to get hired

When I first chose to go into the Heating and A/C work, part of that was because I knew the Heating and A/C trade was always high in demand; Everyone is always going to rely on their cooling as well as heating devices, as well as every Summer as well as winter, the need for Heating and A/C suppliers spike.

So I knew I was getting into a safe work field. Graduating as a certified Heating and A/C supplier was pretty straight-forward, as well as soon after I started looking for jobs from the local Heating and A/C businesses. I applied to many, yet I heard back from few. I was puzzled, why wasn’t I hearing back from any of the air conditioning system companies? I looked at my resume over as well as over, making sure I didn’t miss anything, but everything looked perfect. I was truly confused. It took myself and others multiple weeks, but finally I was accepted into a Heating and A/C supplier that was a bit of a drive away. I ended up finding out that some a/c companies are hesitant to take new Heating and A/C workers in, because of inexperience. This was slightly frustrating, because the only way to get experience is to be hired. Regardless, I had a job now, so it didn’t matter that much anymore. I had another heating as well as A/C system supplier teacher me, as well as I ended up shadowing them on multiple of the trips to maintenance Heating and A/C devices. It wasn’t long before I was traveling on my own as well as repairing Heating and A/C systems on my own. If I ever become an air conditioning system supplier owner, I might try to hire more Heating and A/C school graduates, so they won’t be rejected like I was.


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