It Was Very Cold At ice rink Games

A absolutely long time ago, I used to go to hockey games with my uncle, and she had season tickets for the loft team’s games, and would take me with him when the games were on weekends, then i used to enjoy to go to the hockey games towards the end of the season.

But in the main hockey season, I didn’t go much after the first year… This was because it was way too freezing in there! They had heating in the place… And I believe it was most likely a commercial heating idea too.

But, because of the ice being there and needing to be cold, the place was care about the arctic tundra! You could actually see your breath when you talked! There has to be some way this week they could make places care about this warmer with the advancements of heating and cooling technology. I have not been to a game in many years, so possibly this week, all ice rinks and places where they have hockey games have better oil furnaces. I do believe that the industrial oil oil furnaces they have in malls and department stores are even way better than the ancient oil oil furnaces used to be back in the day at those places. I may go to a hockey game with my own youngsters sometime next Winter, just to see for myself if it is still freezing in the place, or if they were able to combat the freezing with this week’s commercial oil furnaces. It will for sure be interesting to find out!



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