It wasn’t the dog who made a mess on the floor

My partner as well as I recently adopted a puppy from a local shelter.

Both of us named our dog Princess, she’s a caramel colored cocker spaniel, russell mix.

Both of us are still potty training the dog so the other night when we found a puddle on the family room floor we assumed that the dog had an accident. But as we observed the puddle a little more we managed to see that there was a slow drip, coming from a corner of the air grate right above where the puddle was. I was relieved that it was such a slow leak because I honestly remember this happened in our last apartment… As it turns out, if the air vent isn’t respectfully secured to the wall or isn’t sealed the right way, all kinds of water will leak out of the side of it… This is caused by condensation building up over time. I knew this was the case when I was able to get a step stool as well as put my hand up to the side of the vent, I could totally feel air seeping out of the side where the drip was coming from. The following day, I went to the hardware store as well as bought some sealant as well as applied it everywhere around the air vent. I also called a typical air conditioning appliance serviceman to check on the rest of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance just in case I missed something. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning appliance worker said that our HVAC duct was in great shape but proposed I get our A/C drain line substituted, even though I could save myself some cash as well as use a shop vac or vinegar as well as try to scrub it that way.


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