It's 79 degrees outside why are my feet cold?

They say that once you turn fifty everything goes downhill.

I’m not sure that I agree with that statement because at fifty five I am really enjoying life.

There are some noticeable swings however that have started to get my attention. I can no longer spend all day at work plus then go out at night with friends because normally by nine I am ready for bed. I guess one of the things that bothers me most is my lack of ability to handle temperature change. When I was younger the heat of Summer or even the cold of winter did not bother me much, however now they have both become a major issue. I know that part of this is just a natural order of aging although I have some concerns that I need to see a physician about. One of the main complications is the fact that no matter how warm it is outside, my feet are regularly frigid; Be even bought a warming mattress pad so that I could heat up the bed before I go to sleep at night just to keep my feet from aching. I have also been known to turn on a portable heater underneath my desk in the Summer time to warm my feet plus that just does not seem normal. My husband worries that it is lack of circulation that is causing my feet to feel so cold plus I need to get that inspected out. I cannot depend on having a portable heater with me all the time plus I undoubtedly do not want to wear wool socks all Summer long.

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