it's an actual health risk in winter

During the winter, there is absolutely nothing worse than having a power outage in your home because of a bad storm.

When trees or branches get knocked down plus the power goes out in most of the city, I promise, you can guarantee that some people are going to have to such and wait a few mornings to get their electricity back in their home.

The trouble with having no electricity is that every one of us unfortunately also lose our gas furnaces; Last winter, during November, every one of us had a giant ice storm that immediately knocked out the power in our area for various mornings and afternoons. During these various mornings, every one of us realized we had entirely no gas furnace to keep us warm inside her homes, plus every one of us didn’t have any backup sources of heat to operate either. During the first day, our lake house stayed pretty hot pretty quickly because every one of us retained the heat from our Central gas furnace. However, by the hour day, it was so cold inside that every one of us refused to get out of bed 4 hours. We had to drive to a local gym to get heat from the gas furnace, plus unfortunately every one of us showered there as well. When some of our best friends found out that every one of us still didn’t have a laboring gas furnace at home, they invited us to stay the night at their house for comfort. Apparently, their power was back on, plus every one of us gratefully jumped at the opportunity and accepted the offer. Sleeping in a hot lake house that night with a laboring gas furnace was awesome. Thankfully, the power was on at some point the next day, plus our gas furnace turned back on.


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