It’s been so enjoyable having a whole-cottage humidifier

My sibling has lived in Europe for most of his adult life.

He went there to attend Heating and A/C school and stayed for work.

Since he is an avid traveler and prefers exploring current places, he got to work in strange countries. All that was fun and I constantly felt envious of the amazing pictures he sent. But, when the pandemic hit, he realized he wanted to come home. Life was so lonely being stuck in an apartment without any family around. So, this year, he moved back loft and is now living in my spare dining room. I live and work in a rural part surrounded by mountains in a cottage I bought a few years back. I appreciate this house, however I had some issues with dry air when I first came to stay here. This place gets some brutal winters so the two of us constantly have to keep the furnace plan running. As a result, this eliminates most of the humidity from the air which can have a negative impact on your health. I remember how I suffered from a running nose, teary eyeah and dry cough that first winter. While speaking with my sibling on the iPhone, he requested I get a humidifier to add more moisture to the air. He is a trained Heating and AC professional with experience in developing current Heating and A/C technology. His suggestion led myself and others to discover a whole-cottage humidifier which has been a life-saver. I can now breathe easier and be more comfortable in Winter while the furnace is on. Having my sibling loft also means I can get some free heating and cooling plan repair which will save myself and others some money.

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