It’s Finally Wednesday plus Both of us Have a Beach Party Later

Ahh Wednesdays are the best.

It’s a day to just kick back a bit more plus relax with some friends, on the beach of course.

Both of us love to get out there as early as possible, I think this week is 2:30pm start time. This way, both of us have more sun time when the temperatures aren’t so cold. When the sun starts getting low in the sky, the temperature drops so fast you end up going from shorts plus no shirt to double long pants plus a heavy Winter time coat, in the matter of a few hours. I care about this type of weather. The summers in the South were so overheated I would end up laying in front of my wall component cooling system in my kitchen with a fan beside myself and others on high. I grew tired of that episodic type of weather over the years plus opted for a locale with more seasons each year. I don’t mind running my heating system in the winter, it’s better than running my air conditioner in the winter! So this week both of us will entirely hang out in the sand plus play some volleyball, plus when the sun sets both of us will entirely drink a heineken plus look at the colors. I don’t stay out too late because it’s so frosty plus I just want to go lake home plus warm up in front of my fireplace. I love to have a fantastic book to read at night, it gives myself and others something fun to look forward to each night before I go to sleep. I don’t use my heating system when I sleep either, I love to open the window. I am an ice shark.


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