It’s important to get oil furnace inspections plus tuneups before the weather gets cold

We’re right at the tail end of the summer.

I didn’t assume how long it would take this year because it kept staying warm well into early September.

My father loves it because she gets a month of deer hunting season where the weather is perfect plus she doesn’t freeze while kneeling in her tree stand. Unlike our father, I don’t hunt plus have no plan to ever start. Still, I’ll make good use of the pleasant weather as I ready myself for the eventual Wintertide onslaught. I need to clean out our rain gutters plus clear all the debris off our roof. I’d much rather do this in 60 degree weather opposed to 30. When I finish those chores, I need to divert our attention to something of even greater importance. Like anyone else in our temperature, I use indoor heating while I was in the chilly Wintertide season. My oil furnace is our life line when it gets below zero degrees outside. Without a working oil furnace, I could freeze to death. Every year I get our oil furnace plus the rest of our Heating plus Air Conditioning proposal worked on by a reputable serviceman. I want to get any necessary repairs finished before the temperature drops low enough where I need to use the heater. Once the inspections, repairs, plus tuneups are made, I can safely assume that our oil furnace is ready to go for the long Wintertide season. I have friends that wait as long as possible, with some trying to get through the Wintertide season without any oil furnace inspections at all. The last thing you want to do is set yourself up for a situation where you need a sudden oil furnace repair while I was in a chilly December blizzard.


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