It’s important to stay active

When I was still in school, I can totally remember how stressed out my parents were when it came to me.

I was never that fascinated in classes or athletic interests, & my parents had no idea what I would do when I was out of school… To be completely honest, I think that they were expecting me to be flipping burgers at some fast food diner until I eventually retired! Even though they had no idea what work path I was going to take, I already knew what I wanted to get into back in my freshman year. I had seen a certain ad on TV about a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment repair university that was now in town. When they were explaining a little about what the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment field does and the amount of currency you can make starting off in this field, I knew in no time that it would fit me perfectly. I did not want to waste precious years of my youth simply taking notes. I wanted to be out doing things in the real world absolutely working with real people, making real currency! Now that I am going on 40, I have been in this industry for a very long while. I think it’s clear to my parents that the path I decided to go for was definitely the right one. I have moved up the ranks from a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment apprentice to now a director of one of the largest Heating & Air Conditioning equipment companies in North America… Now that I have girls on my own, I don’t even become bothered with what I think they’re going to do when they grow up. Because if they happen to be anything like their father, they will figure out everything when they are ready to.


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