It’s nice to stay in, avoid frostbite, plus snuggle up in front of the fireplace

Last Winter time was particularly brutal with lows averaging a few digits below zero.

I have slowly grown accustomed to the cold weather in this region, however even I have my limits.

You can bundle up in as many layers as you can possibly imagine, however it would completely prevent frostbite on your face, short of wearing a full ski mask whenever you venture outdoors. Because of the obvious terrible connotation with ski masks, wearing a single at all times, let alone in a bank, is just not feasible. Frostbite becomes a constant worry for me because I’m constantly dealing with it on my face or on my hands. After getting frostbite repeatedly for many weeks causes destruction to the skin that is difficult to avoid. Therefore, I try to stay indoors whenever possible during the cold Winter time season. I have a unbelievable central furnace that is powered by propane gas, despite the fact that I also have a crucial fireplace that I have been diligently servicing plus maintaining for the last 15 years that I have lived in this house. I get it cleaned twice during the Winter time season each year so I never have to worry about excessive smoke getting into my indoor air, plus removing any potential fears of any other problems that normally arise out of abusing a fireplace with no cleaning. The soot builds up a lot quicker than most realize. Since I keep the fireplace so well worked on, I can curl up in front of the fire each night separate from worrying if I’m exposing myself to carbon monoxide. My dogs prefer the fireplace too, especially at night.
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