It’s the first time I’ve slept all night

I’ve always had a hard time sleeping through the whole night, as well as that was always due to the fact that I am honestly tall.

  • I mean, even when I was a young boy, I was too tall to sit flat in our bed.

I always had to try to sleep with our knees bent. When I moved out of our parents beach house many years ago as well as got our own apartment, I looked for a longer bed. I really desired to stretch our legs out at night, unluckily for me, all of the beds as well as frames are relatively the same size. I had to finally settle for something that made our back as well as legs hurt. It wasn’t until last year that I eventually realized I could have a custom bed built. I was talking to a coworker about our unusual and ultra tall height at 6 foot 11 in, but she asked me if I have a hard time with standard doorways as well as I told her that the worst thing for me is sleeping soundly at night. She told me that her sibling was a custom furniture designer. She carefully gave me his telephone number as well as told me to call the guy. She told me several times that he could entirely design a bed frame that would give our legs more room. I listened and I called the custom furniture designer as soon as I got to the condo from work as well as I left a message. The following afternoon I had a call back. The guy had a lot of cool ideas for a longer bed frame, and he even knew a person that could possibly create a longer bed. I stuck with a traditional mattress for the time being, but the longer bed frame is really amazing. For the first time in our long life, I can honestly sleep comfortably on our back.

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