It’s time for a new HVAC system

When I found the home I am now living in, I was thrilled.

I really love my home and it has been a place of comfort and a feeling of belonging ever since I moved in.

I have lived her for ten years now and I have never looked back. My concern is that I have never looked forward either and all the repairs I knew I had to do when I bought my home, has not yet been done. This includes needing to have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized and purchasing a new HVAC system. My HVAC system was loud when I first looked at the place, but I was told it was an anomaly of the HVAC unit. Over the years, the HVAC system has only become louder. I am now dating a HVAC technician and he is forever telling me that I need to update my HVAC system. I know he knows what he is talking about, but I just can’t afford it right now. I had to buy a car because without a car I can’t go to work. I needed to fix the plumbing so I could have water. He tells me that if I don’t put in a new heating and air conditioning system, I won’t have any heating or air conditioning. I wanted to kick him out of my home when he began nagging. I really do know that he is right, but purchasing a new HVAC system is out of the budget right now. I told him I can’t afford to put anything else on my credit card, so it would just need to wait another year. I hope he sticks around for that long. Without him, I would have to pay for all of the repairs my HVAC system needs.



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