I’ve been working here a long time

I have been working at the natural museum of history for many years ago now and ever since I started I have been entrusted with the museum’s signage and graphics needs.

  • I am not sure why they gave me this position of being in charge of the museum’s printing technology, but I am glad they did.

You wouldn’t think a museum would have need of printing but you would be surprised at everything that I have to do. When we decided that we needed to get a new plotter and thermal transport printer, I to do a lot of research about printing technology. It was a very tedious and drawn out process. I finally ended up purchasing an EDGE FX Thermal Transfer Printer for the museum. The thermal transport printer by Arrow Systems, Inc. gives me the ability to create different kinds of products for the museum. I will have the ability to make a multitude of eclectic graphics as well and signage for the ‘museum’s gift shop and for the eating establishments. With the EDGE FX Thermal Transfer Printer, I will also be able to create new and updated displays and exhibits right here in my office! I am so glad that I will be a proud owner and user of one of these new thermal transport printers. They also supply me with user friendly OMEGA software, so I am sure I will be able to figure out how to use it! I may not the smartest when it comes to reading new software, so this OMEGA software was a definite selling point for me. I know that the museum will realize what an amazing investment this thermal transport printer is!

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