I’ve gotten profitable

Our new home was perfect. When my wife and I went to open house it was so clean. The sellers made it gleam nicely. Everything was perfect. It even smelled like vanilla, my wife’s favorite. We made an offer to the seller, and they took it a week later. Within a month, we had moved in. All the furniture and televisions were in and set up. We met the neighbors. We were home and it felt good to live there. Each morning, I would wake up early and bring coffee to my wife still in bed. However, after a month we noticed a foul smell. We began thinking it was a dead mouse in the walls and that it would go away soon. And the house didn’t smell of vanilla anymore since we purchased it. Every time we put the heat on, the smell would get much worse. I got a ladder and looked into one of the vents, expecting to see a dead bird stuck in there. But, what I smelled was the stench of mold mixed with vanilla. We called the HVAC company the next day and they told us that this marketing ploy was nothing new. Real estate sellers sometimes pump out nice scents through the air vents to make the house more appealing to potential buyers. Before he left, he spoke to us about the next step. He said that to ensure that the smell is gone forever and we never go through this again, we should replace the entire air duct system. We decided to listen to him because we couldn’t live like that any longer. We bought air fresheners for every room until the new installation was finally completed.

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