Jess plans to buy a mini split air conditioner

Jess has 30 minutes till she trains her student in beach volleyball and then she is going to play her drums on this rock pier at sunset. Her goal is to try to learn some modern beats. Jess has some regular rhythms that she plays, but she would like to make some modern beats so that she can make some modern rock n roll in the future. She has about 20 minutes of drumming before her shoulders tell her it is time to stop. Jess doesn’t like to bother the locals in their flats so she plays on the piers. HVAC repairs will be the agenda during the week for the local business so Jess doesn’t want to beat up her shoulders too much. She is aware this weekend she is going to be playing a lot of rock n roll because it is carnaval and many tourists will be in town. Jess is played by this local business near the sea and the HVAC professional crew from the HVAC business where she works come out to support her. Jess likes to practice in this specific spot because many people pass by and she makes some great money in tips. Jess plans to get a mini split air conditioner device for the coming summer time and wants to buy it with the money she makes from playing drums and singing at that local business. Jess is sure she can get the device for $200 and it is going to save her money with her cooling bills this summer.

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