Junked the central air conditioning for new ductless HVAC

This one was a rental and the tenants just love having the ductless heat pumps

The HVAC contractor came up from the basement with a look on his face that indicated something was up. We’d just bought this house which came in a very as is condition. That was fine as the homes that we buy generally come that way. That’s why we get them for the sort of money we’re willing to spend. This is actually our business. That would be my wife and I. We pulled the cord on working inside the zone controlled HVAC of the corporate offices to work for ourselves. We own rental homes and we also buy homes and flip them. It’s exciting work but it also comes with plenty of surprises. And the look on our HVAC contractor’s face indicated that we were about to get a heating and cooling surprise. When we first went through this place prior to making a cash offer, we thought the central air conditioning was salvageable. Of course, we figured we’d have to replace the antiquated heating and cooling equipment with some of the latest in residential HVAC. But it turned out that the ductwork was completely shot. The way it was installed would make it both chaotic and quite expensive to rip out and replace. So the HVAC contractor came up with putting in a ductless multi split system. This turned out to be not just a budget saver but a welcome introduction to having ductless heat pumps be a ready heating and cooling option going forward. This one was a rental and the tenants just love having the ductless heat pumps. They’re even able to set them in a way that’s almost like having zone controlled HVAC.

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