Just Cleaned the HVAC System and now It’s Lunchtime

I just cleaned my whole house including my HVAC system as I have some guests coming and don’t want them to see what kind of a slob I am.

I keep it pretty clean in my flat but when you look at it from an outsider’s perspective you may see things that are dirty.

My shower is fairly clean but when I start really cleaning I notice how unclean it really was. I guess we get used to our own dirt and don’t notice it as much as someone else’s dirt, does that make sense? My HVAC system was pretty dirty to anyone’s standards so I went through the whole thing, save the ductwork, and cleaned it all up. I think it is going to run a lot better now with a clean filter and condenser grill, along with all clean vents as they had a lot of dust accumulating on them recently. I’ve been working in the HVAC field for as long as I can remember as my dad was an HVAC salesman back in the day and ran his own HVAC company for many years when I was growing up. He taught me everything there is to know about the industry before passing on and even left me a good chunk of money, which I hastily threw away on stupid and impatient investments. Oh well, at least I can make money working in the HVAC industry when I need to as there is always a need for heating and air conditioning in people’s homes and businesses. It’s all good isn’t it.

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