Just doing the basics saved me almost 20 percent on air conditioning

I’m not too fond of waste.

That goes for the food I eat all the way to the clothes I wear.

We are a leftover family and when we have to throw out food, it’s a failure of some sort. While I’m so glad to be able to help provide for my family, I don’t like to spend money on stuff I don’t need to be spending it on. So this year, I had to look myself in the mirror a bit when I got a bit testy over the thermostat setting. It was early spring and where we live, this is the time when the temperatures can jump up pretty quick. I came home from the office on a day that barely got out of the 80’s to find the air conditioning running in my home. Not only was it running but the thermostat was set to 68. I had to get ahold of myself because going off on a family member over a thermostat setting wasn’t worth it. But I did have a bit of a talk with everyone when it came to the air conditioning. And that’s what got me to realize that I wasn’t really doing all I could to mitigate HVAC cooling costs. So I went to the HVAC company website to get information on prepping the house to maximize the HVAC equipment efficiency and save money. It was really simple actually and took me a couple of hours over two weekends to get done. But the results have been stunning. I’ve saved just a shade under twenty percent on the overall HVAC cooling costs this summer.



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