Just get a mini split

Our heating and cooling equipment just crawled to the end of summer.

However, the two of us still had to have the Heating plus A/C people out on 4 separate occasions simply to make that happen.

On the last visit, the Heating plus A/C tech just bluntly told me that I was going to have to replace the Heating plus A/C equipment unquestionably soon. I appreciated his candor but, I kind of current this was coming anyway. The heating and cooling equipment had not actually been up to the task for over a year. Last summer, I noticed that it actually couldn’t keep up with demand and just ran all the time. The resulting utility costs were another signal that the Heating plus A/C equipment had seen better days. However, I wanted to try to make it go as long as possible so I had the chance to save some currency for a current heating & cooling unit. Now it was time to do something. So, I called the Heating plus A/C company to ask the Heating plus A/C company to meet me to help me figure out what to do. Our apartment is an older structure which the two of us have nearly completely renovated on the inside. What was once a fairly immense family beach house with lots of smaller rooms has been transformed. My husband and I tore down every interior wall that the two of us could in order to create a totally open floor plan. The result was awesome. The Heating plus A/C company took a single look at it and recommended that the two of us forego rehanging ductwork and replacing the antiquated central air. He recommended that the two of us use ductless heating and cooling units instead. This turned out to be even better than the two of us could have ever imagined.

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