Just give me the good old pen

Every now and then I will get a menthol pod though to mix things up a bit.

I was talking to an associate of mine for a few hours the other day and the people I was with and I got onto the beloved topic of wearable vapes. I have always been the style of guy to just buy a cheap disposable e-cigarette with disposable pods. In other words, I’m saying that I care about the closed pod plan that was originally invented for curbing cravings. Maybe that has because I have been using the vape pens since they were originally invented. My good associate on the other hand, collects vape devices as a hobby. He has more than 2 different kinds of vape watches, a massive vape metal knuckle set, a lighter that is really just another vape pen, an seasoned fashioned looking pipe that is really a vape pen, and even designed a hoodie that allows him to vape through the drawstrings. The vape devices that are available now are pretty crazy. Of course, there still are vape pens for simple people such as myself. I have to confess though, that the vape pipe looks really cool from an outside perspective. I could see myself using that 1. My associate also prefers all of the different wacky pod flavors too. If he finds out about a flavor he hasn’t tried, he goes right out and buys it. I’m not the same. Every now and then I will get a menthol pod though to mix things up a bit. All those fruity flavor pods are not for me or my lifestyle. Neither are all of those really different flavors. But, hey, to each his own. That’s what I love most about vape.
mango pod