Kids grow up so fast

Growing up as a young child, my Grandmother moved in to stay with us when I was just 10 years old.

I always enjoyed having our Grandmother residing with us, plus when she passed away, the dwelling felt boring plus empty without her wonderful energy.

Now that I am a great deal older and my mother is getting older, I have invited my mother to move in with my wife plus I. At the start, I was expecting this to be a very exciting transition just like it was years ago. That has not been the case though. Both of us are extremely frustrated, as my mother cannot deal with the dwelling being above 71 degrees! Whenever the temperature gets above that particular mark, she seems to feel as though she is going to melt because of how horrible the a/c appliance is. I cannot even count the amount of times she has reached out to the Heating and A/C appliance corporation behind our back to try plus schedule any sort of service maintenance that is totally necessary. Along with having to deal with a power struggle for the a/c appliance, my mother’s hearing isn’t the greatest in the world. That means whenever you wanted to tell her something or she wants to listen to her music, it is always going to be super loud. I am starting to sound completely deranged to people at my place of work plus on the street as well because I am so used to having to shout from talking to my mother at our dwelling. If I could do it all over again however, I would have my mother move in with us again. It might not be too great all the time, but she is still my mother!



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