Kids keep messing with the temp control settings

My kids might be young, but man are they smart.

During winter last year, we were forced to deal with one of the coldest summers that has ever been recorded in our area.

My kids get cold easily so they were always fighting to turn the heated gas furnace up more. The heated gas furnace that we had at the time was pretty old and not the most energy efficient, so I tried to only run it at a low setting unless it was super cold. My kids hated that I did this. After they realized their whining wasn’t going to make me change my mind about spending an insane amount of money to run the heated gas furnace more often, they devised a plan where they would each take turns in the night where they would sneak over to the heated gas furnace and turn it up, little by little. By the time I would wake up in the morning, the furnace would be roaring and the kids would act like they had no idea what happened. It wasn’t until I woke up in the middle of the night to get a snack that I caught them in the act. To prevent them from being to cold, and to stop me from wanting to kill them when they don’t listen, I have decided to ditch the old heated gas furnace and invest in some high quality radiant heated flooring. The radiant floors have been a godsend, and even on the coldest of days they provide a perfectly balanced flow of energy efficient heat that is much better for the environment, and much more affordable. The best part of it all in my opinion however, is that my kids can’t be sneaky and adjust it in the middle of the night without my knowledge!

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