Kids Staying inside the A/C this Summer

So ecstatic that I put in that pool.

Summer vacation with a house full of antsy children who won’t go outside because they must have air conditioning can be a real struggle. Well, that’s actually being kind. All Summer alone with my children at home might just kill me. This is my first Summer at home with my children. I have opened a supplier business which I run out of my home. This has allowed my wife to pursue a work option she has put on hold for nearly a decade. The plan for her to go off to work and me to work from home sounded rather easy. And initially, it was. I enjoyed taking the youngsters to university. Picking them up and getting them to their after class stuff was not too hard to merge with my afternoon based supplier operations. That is a single of the beauties of having your own business. You make up your own schedule. It was all laboring out until the youngsters were released from their university. Now, they were under my feet all afternoon. I couldn’t figure out how to get it through their tiny brains that I was still laboring. I needed to be left alone so I could operate my business. They didn’t want to go play outside because they would rather stay in the cool Heating, Ventilation, and A/C. So ecstatic that I put in that pool. With the youngsters inside the vast majority of the afternoon, I have an honestly hard time staying in a nice rhythm where my job jobs are nervous. I have been kind of just closing my office door and letting them have at it. They formed teams and began a made-up sport that was something love tackle baseball.


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