Know your tenants well

I have been into real estate for nearly twenty years now, and during that time I have dealt with a lot of tenants.

I can say that over 90% of them have been punctual, respectful, and responsible.

But with that being said, there are a select few that simply don’t know how to care like a responsible adult! Just the other day I was forced to evict someone out of one of our units, as the whole place looked like a garbage dump. He called me some random day complaining about the air-conditioner. Once I showed up to check the component myself, he put up an act saying that he doesn’t know much about the damage to the AC. By the look of it the dents surely came from human error. From what I could tell after diagnosing the component myself is that water had been poured inside, and the framework was hit by a heavy object. The component was in bad shape without a doubt, however, the thing that shocked me the most was how bad the dining room and entryway looked. Despite the place only being a few years old, all of the debris and trash everywhere made it look like it was 50. Hopefully, this guy will be able to find a new place to live soon before the eviction comes into play. And if he doesn’t end up changing his careless habits he might end up living in his car.



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