Landscaping the property led to thousands of dollars of benefits

My family has been in the landscaping business for almost 25 years. My brother and I have been working for the family business for at least five years. We usually go to most of the jobs that require an estimate. Last week, I went to look at a house on the market. The owner wanted a quote for landscaping the backyard and the front yard. She wanted me to mow, trim, weed eat, and edge all of the areas. She also wanted me to add some new mulch in the flower beds. I gave the lady some additional ideas that I thought would help brighten the property. I have seen a lot of new properties for sale recently and a little spruce up on the landscaping is always a great way to get more money during the sale. All of the additional work totaled $1,000, and the customer was only going to spend a few hundred dollars. I was certain that landscaping could help and I offered to lower my price by 20%. Yesterday, the owner of that property called to thank me. She received a full offer on the home. The new buyer fell in love with the backyard and all of the landscaping. The new buyer even asked for the name of the landscaping company, so she could continue to use our services. I was happy to hear the great news and even happier to hear about a potential new customer. Landscaping the yard can always add value to your home. Even the smallest changes can result in positive gain.


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