Last cooling component story for you

It has been a long time but although this is will not be the last story, it is the last one I will share for the time being before I go swimming.

Since our power is out and our elevator will not work this week, I am thinking I will walk to the beach rather than carry my bike down all the stairs in the dark.

My associate and I will then eat lunch on a bench while watching the waves brush lines on the shore. Of course, the heating and cooling in my apartment are not working right now, despite the fact that I will not need it for a while since the weather is not getting that hot just yet. The worst part of being without power is that I can not use the internet the way I normally do after waking up every morning. My neighbor who works as a heating and air conditioning technician has been messaging me and asking if my associate and I will be doing training later near her place of business. However, it just so happened that my phone’s data last night left me without a phone as well. It should happen automatically, but with this carrier, it does not in this day and age, so I will recharge my phone at the modern retailer down the street later. According to my cooling representative, the company is still working to set everything up so that customers will not need to visit the neighborhood business each month to recharge their phones. Alive, alive, alive!


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