Late HVAC system shipment


I am so frustrated.

I saw this adorable little mini cooling unit online, and it was pretty cheap. I love my current heating and cooling units, but the problem with them is that I can’t take them with me. I didn’t know they hand air conditioning devices small enough to carry around, so I usually just dealt with the awful weather. That’s why, when I saw the portable a/c device that had a great price, I decided to buy it. Unfortunately for me, I also had a really bad lightning storm in my area, and with the lightning came the rain. It became so bad that there was a warning for flash floods, and shipments were delayed. Usually the rain helps cool down my house, but instead it was still hot inside. I was supposed to get my package today, but now thanks to the bad weather it is probably going to be delayed for awhile. The bad weather continued for another 3 days, and then once it was over, the shipments started up again. I finally did get my mini HVAC machine, in a soaking wet box. I was so disappointed, I figured it would probably be all messed up and then I would have to return it and wait even longer to get a working mini HVAC system. Thankfully, I was wrong and the mini HVAC was wrapped and covered really well. It barely was damp and once I dried it off, it worked perfectly! Finally, now that I had it I could start putting it to use with future sunny hot weather.

More information at this link