Lawn crew unquestionably wrecked the heat pump

My sod crew irritates me to no end.

They come every other month and are a part of my rent.

I didn’t choose the crew, my property owner did. I have no option however to emplot them as well. I have timed them and they take 15 minutes to do the whole yard. They don’t weed or take care of the plants too, however basically they mow, edge and leaf blow. They won’t even trim the big shrub right by my carport. The guy on the mower is the 1 I don’t like the most though. He whips around on that mower so abruptly. The side sod is quite small and it is a slender fit for the mower. The outdoor equipment with my heat pump system is right there too. I have thought to myself that he has been close to running right into it, but well the other morning I came apartment from work and observed a substantial dent in the side of it. What do you know, my heat pump doesn’t work that well. I have observed my Heating and Air Conditioning makes noises when it operates and doesn’t function as well. I called my property owner to let him assume there is a heat pump issue and showed him a picture of the dent. He kind of would enjoy me to spend my money to replace his heat pump. I assume the fault is with the sod crew though and won’t be paying 1 cent. It has to be the guy on the mower. I have an alibi too, I was at work. I am hoping this dilemma will be enough for my property owner to fire and get a up-to-date sod service.

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