Lawyer got him the settlement money

My friend Lenny was traveling on his moped when a truck ran a light and knocked him to the ground… Lenny was badly bruised on the head, body, and arm, however the guy driving the car was fine.

The guy wasn’t paying attention to the traffic, and he completely missed the traffic signal.

Lenny didn’t go to the hospital, because he was already running late for work. The guy in the truck gave my friend his information, so he could fix up the moped which was badly hurt in the accident. The next morning, my friend was off of work and decided to call the iphone number. The guy answered the iphone and then proceeded to tell my friend that he would not pay for the moped to be repaired. My buddy lenny was so angry about it. Both of us decided to seek help from a lawyer. Most of the lawyers wanted up front cash, so every one of us had to search around for the correct person to represent the case, when the lawyer took the case, they told us that the costs would come out of our settlement money. Lenny didn’t bother to think how much the fees would amount to, since he didn’t have a lot of money to pay for the lawyer. The lawyer took 50% of the money that Lenny acquired from the case settlement. My friend had enough money left over to pay for a brand new moped and get his old one fixed. He also had some additional money that he put in the bank. The interest will be a bit higher but it seemed right at the time.


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