Leaks in the duct

I only recently became fully appreciative of the importance of the duct system.

The ducts are concealed from view, so I never thought about them.

They are implemented inside the walls, ceilings and attic of the house and connect to the furnace and air conditioner vents in the rooms. This system of pipes transports the heated/cooled air that my family relies on. The existing air is drawn out of the room and pulled into the system, while a fresh supply of air is supplied. This procedure is repeated at least a half dozen times throughout the day. If there are any holes or leaks at the seams, there’s an easy way for the heated or cooled air to be lost. I have figured out that about thirty percent of the conditioned air was escaping from our duct system. Plus, unconditioned air was being drawn in, providing unpleasant smells, dust, bacteria, mold spores and contaminants into the house. Since the total amount of heated/cooled air was failing to reach the intended destination, the rooms were usually a bit chilly or warm. This prompted me to adjust the temperature on the thermostat and increase demand on the furnace and air conditioner. The extended running times led to more wear and tear; Eventually, the furnace failed in the middle of December, when the outside temperature had dropped down to twenty-two degrees. When I called a local HVAC supplier for repair, he inspected the duct system and found the problem. The duct sealing process was not very expensive and was completed in a couple of hours. There was no clean up needed and no damage to my home, The results were cost-effective.



HVAC serviceman